About Us

We at Jugal Gems are committed to provide an experience that is personal and also involve you as a decision maker in the process of making your fine jewellery. With an experience of over 40 years in diamonds and 15 years in creating exquisite designs you can be rest assured of our diversified expertise. India being a centre of rich heritage and culture, we try and inculcate the same in our designs while looking towards futuristic trends and fashion. We dare to dream big but are realistic of our clients requirements and work with full transparency with our clients and involve them at every stage of the jewellery making process. You become a part of our growing family and we assure you of our best services always .


Jugal Gems was started in 2015 by Mr. Jugal Shah, an accredited jewellery professional and a certified jewellery technologist from the California Institute of Jewellery Training. With an experience of over 15 years, he is a renowned artist and specialist in the field of jewellery and gemstones.


We at Jugal Gems make use of exceptional raw materials along with utmost integrity of craftsmanship and quality. As a result, each of our pieces has a sense of uniqueness and rich history. Jugal gems inspires a rich melange of fine jewellery-making techniques with intricately designed masterpieces.

Jewellery, for us, is an emotion, and every piece tells a story. So when you buy from us, you do not purchase jewellery but an emotion that will last an eternity.

Jugal Gems - Craftmenship



Jugal Gems envisages creating contemporary jewels with a modern touch. We inspire to create jewels that are beautifully designed and impeccably crafted. For this, we involve our customers entirely at every step of jewellery making because our jewellery is not only a statement of individual style but also a personal and intimate treasure. At Jugal Gems, wearability and versatility are important aspects of each design.


In today’s modern and ever-changing world, nothing is constant. Therefore, to cater to our vast clientele, we not only consult but also design and manufacture bespoke diamond and gemstone jewellery.

With a vast experience in merchandising, designing and manufacturing, our vision is to provide our local and global clients with the timely right advice, consultation and problem-solving in matters related to jewellery.


There is no greater compliment than hearing from our customers that they love wearing their piece of jewellery. We aspire to create memories through thoughtful and inspired purchases that should be worn every day and promise to outlive a lifetime. We have had hundreds of happy customers, and you can read all about their experiences with us in our testimonials.


We pride ourselves on our products and promise to deliver them to you on time and with utmost honesty. For us, all customers are the same, and we promise to deal with them and their associates with utmost sincerity. Therefore, you can be sure of expert, friendly and bespoke service when you deal with us.

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